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FRITZ!Box 3390 Service

Maximum cable lengths

The FRITZ!Box comes with various cables to connect your FRITZ!Box to your DSL line or connect it to a computer or network hub, for example. If one of these cables is too short you can extend it.

Note:The FRITZ!Box is available in several different product variants, each of which is delivered with different components. For the exact contents of the package, see the information printed on the FRITZ!Box package.

1 DSL cable

The entire section of cable between the "telephone jack - DSL splitter (not always present) - FRITZ!Box" can normally be up to 20 m in length; often it can be even longer. It depends on the distance between your DSL provider's exchange and your DSL line.

Note:If you are making your own DSL cable, we recommend using CAT 5 UTP network cables.

2 Network cable

The network cable between the FRITZ!Box and a computer or hub/switch can be up to 100 m in length.

3 Cables for USB devices

The cable of USB devices (for example a printer, hard drive) connected to the USB port on the FRITZ!Box should not exceed 5 m in length.