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FRITZ!Box 6490 Service

FRITZ!Box reports "The MyFRITZ! name cannot be resolved despite a successful update"

Although you can access the MyFRITZ! home page of your FRITZ!Box through, you cannot directly access applications and services in the FRITZ!Box home network with the MyFRITZ! domain name. One of the following error messages is displayed in the event log of the FRITZ!Box:

  • "MyFRITZ! error: The MyFRITZ! name cannot be resolved despite a successful update."
  • "MyFRITZ! error: The MyFRITZ! name was updated successfully, but afterward an error occurred during DNS resolution."

1 DNS servers on the internet were not updated yet

Some DNS servers on the Internet do not immediately update the assignment of IP addresses to domain names. This means that for a certain period they still reply to requests to a MyFRITZ! domain name with an old IP address, although the FRITZ!Box already transmitted its new IP address to the MyFRITZ! service. This behavior of the DNS servers cannot be influenced by the FRITZ!Box or by the MyFRITZ! service.

The issue will resolve itself (normally after a maximum of one hour) as soon as the corresponding DNS servers on the Internet are updated.