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FRITZ!Box 6810 LTE Service

Cordless telephone constantly indicates received calls

The display of your FRITZ!Fon or a cordless telephone from another manufacturer keeps indicating that you received calls from one of your own telephone numbers, although you did not receive calls from this number. The word "EMAIL", "FAX" or "VOICE" may be displayed in front of your own number.

1 Telephone indicates new messages in your mailbox

The telephone indicates these calls to inform you that you have new messages in the Unified Message Box provided by your telephony provider. The telephone informs you about these messages because your provider supports MWI (Message Waiting Indication). There may be an indication in front of the telephone number (VOICE, FAX or EMAIL) telling you whether you received voice messages, faxes or e-mails. If only your own number is displayed without any additional information, then you have a message saved with your provider that you can listen to if you call the number that is displayed.

Note:Your telephony provider's online customer center enables you to configure how and whether you are notified when new messages arrive. Your telephony provider can provide you with information about using the mailbox and MWI signaling.