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FRITZ!Box 7430 Service

Updating FRITZ!OS manually

The "Online Update" function allows you to install the latest FRITZ!OS for your FRITZ!Box quickly and easily. However, in some cases you cannot use the "online update" function, for instance when the FRITZ!Box is not connected to the Internet. In this case you can update it manually.

1 Downloading the FRITZ!OS file

Use a computer with Internet access to download the update:

Note:If you cannot use your own FRITZ!Box to connect to the Internet, then you can download the latest FRITZ!OS at your neighbor's or in an Internet café, for example, and then copy it to a computer that is connected to your FRITZ!Box.

  1. Call up in your web browser.
  2. Switch to the folder for your FRITZ!Box model, then to the subfolder "firmware", and then to the folder named "english".

    Note:The complete model name of your FRITZ!Box is displayed in the FRITZ!Box user interface on the "Overview" page and on the underside of the device.

  3. Download the latest FRITZ!OS version for your FRITZ!Box with the file extension ".image" to the computer.

2 Installing the latest FRITZ!OS

  1. Click "System" in the FRITZ!Box user interface.
  2. Click "Update" in the "System" menu.
  3. Click on the "FRITZ!OS file" tab. If the tab is not displayed, enable the Advanced View first.
  4. Click "Save Settings".

    Note:Save your FRITZ!Box settings again under "System > Backup" right after successfully completing the installation. Then you can always restore it to a working configuration.

  5. Click the "Browse..." button.
  6. Select the FRITZ!OS file that you downloaded (image file) and click the "Open" button.
  7. Click the "Start Update" button.

Now the latest FRITZ!OS is installed. If you enable the option "Notify me about new versions of FRITZ!OS and install new versions automatically" under "System > Update > Auto-Update" in the user interface, then future updates will be installed automatically.