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FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 1160 / FRITZ!OS 6.92

FRITZ!OS is the software of the FRITZ!WLAN Repeater. Use the online update function to easily download the current FRITZ!OS version into your FRITZ!WLAN Repeater.

New performance characteristics:
  • New features:
  • More convenience and performance through support for Mesh WiFi
  • All FRITZ!Box settings for Mesh WiFi are adopted automatically
  • Support for WiFi band steering
  • WPS for registration of new wireless devices (e.g. smartphone) can also be triggered on repeaters
  • Support for cascaded repeaters: Now a repeater can be registered with another repeater with the click of a button
  • Dynamic uplink: Upon loss of connection, repeaters search for an alternative connection themselves
  • Scrolling on mobile devices fixed
  • Improved translations on the fritz.repeater overview
  • Weakness of WPA2 key handshake fixed
File size:
13030 KB
FRITZ!App / n.a.

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